Avalon Optimization Report - No.1


Wer'e working hard to optimize gamplay and increase support for Nether War and the Firelands.

We promise share more information on the newest features and game optimizations. Let's work together to make King of Avalon even better!


1. Gemstone Acquisition: Gemstones, regardless of how they're obtained, will be placed directly in the Gemstone Armory.

2. Lord/Alliance rename rule adjustment: Special characters will now be restricted in Lord/Alliance names. Lords whose names contain special characters will be compensated.

3. Resource auto-replenishment function now effects troop upgrades.

4. The Stronghold menu has been simplified, and the City Stats have been deleted.

5. Adjusted the frequency of troop food consumption. Consumption is now counted in minutes.

6. When a loading problem occurs, the Contact Customer Service and Auto Repair buttons will appear on the screen.

7. Mail interface optimization: Added the Mark As Read button and Filter function in the Battle Report interface.

8. Inventory interface optimization: Adjusted the order and type of items.

9. Adjusted the color rules of items.

10. Simplified the info on the World Map, including the visualization of name and level.

11. You can now share Coordinates without creating a Bookmark.

12. Rally optimization: If the march time is longer than the estimated rally time, you will be reminded.

13. Alliance Chest notice optimization: New allies who don't meet the requirements won't receive the notice.

14. Deleted the Quick Join function.

15. Added Gold display in the Crystal Ball event.

16. The Lord information in the More Info interface now reflects the Lord's current level.

17. Added the option to hold a shorter Spirit Ceremony.

18. Added Spirit Smoke as reward for Alliance quests. Points gained from Fallen Knight have been drastically reduced. Adjusted the Alliance and Individual Points requirement.

19. Deleted the Hero Horn (Green) in the Spirit Store. Added Medium Hero EXP and Large Hero EXP.