Avalon is about to usher in a new year,

As this new era begins, let us review the past year of fighting, growth, and glory!

Birth & Growth:

Over the past year, 167 Kingdoms were established, gaining power and joining the fight.

In the past year, Lords fought each other 2.9 billion times and upgraded their Strongholds 49 million times, proving themselves true warriors.

Alliance & Glory:

In the past year, the total number of Alliances reached 750,000. All of them are chasing the same goal: conquering Avalon.

In the past year, cross-Kingdom wars happened 26 times. 3,990 Alliances won crucial battles and occupied enemy Kingdoms.

Evolution & Discovery:

In the past year, Strongholds gained the power of frost, and a new top level was unlocked.

Over the past year, Dragons and Heroes gained new strength as powerful magic weapons for Lords.

In the past year, we've witnessed different kinds of battles:

You could join the Nether War and fight a powerful Alliance.

You could bring slaughter across Kingdoms and dominate your neighbors in the Kingdom Raid.

You could create a new record as a Monster hunter in the Alliance Hunt.

In all honesty, we have encountered setbacks and made mistakes due to "Morgana's evil magic."

But we want all Lords to know that we're committed to working with them to protect the land of Avalon and make our common realm a better place.

When we ring in the year 2020, we'll also be embracing new challenges.

We wish all Lords a happy New Year!

Here's to more victory and prosperity in Avalon!