Moderator Recruitment


With great power comes great responsibility!

King of Avalon is evolving to bring an improved experience within the game community, and wants you to become the Kingdom’s next saviour!

We are now looking for new moderators to join this exciting project and grow with us! As a future super moderator you’ll need to have the following natural skills:

Passion for KoA and a Stronghold above level 10.

Basic communication skills in English (Read and Written), Helpful and patient with other players.

Be an active player:4 hours online per day.

Moderators will be reachable through a special chat and be able to assist players in different ways:

Advise players and share their knowledge cross-kingdom via Kingdom chat and in game mail etc.

Mute “toxic” players who breach the rules (illegal advertising, offensive names, offensive language and offensive player portraits).

Report suggestions and feedback directly to the studio. Write guides and get rewarded.

After passing our small test you will be added to the University of Super Moderators where your new life will begin! But it doesn’t end there!

Being a moderator in King of Avalon will grant you with awesome benefits: In-game rewards! Exclusive information!

Access to the private test server Direct contact with the studio.

How to join in the TEST: Avatar - Settings - Game Help - Contact Mod - Become a MoD