The Magic Age Is Coming!


None have entered Merlin's Hall of Magic.

It's said to be surrounded by surging elemental power,

even the creatures near it gain mysterious abilities.

People report troops of plants marching in the forest,

and even the Phoenix, previously only encountered in legend.

All of these spring from the magic of Merlin.

Now Lords have the chance to be endowed with this amazing force——

The new Stronghold Skin Hall of Magic is coming!

Participate in the Dragon Chest event and spin the wheel to get rare rewards, but that's not all!

Once you earn 2000 points or more, and occupy the TOP 10 in your Kingdom Leaderboard, a permanent Hall of Magic Stronghold Skin will be gifted to you! If you're powerful enough to occupy the TOP 10 among All Kingdoms, you can even get the Permanent Legendary Hall of Magic Stronghold!

Event Duration: 1.19 00:00 UTC - 1.23 00:00 UTC

Click on [Dragon Chest] in the upper-right corner of main interface to join the event.

The power of Magic is eternal!