Prepare for Valentine's Day!


The most romantic festival in Avalon is coming, so you might have found some amazing changes in your City. That's right, it's been completely made over with some lovely holiday decorations!

As an elegant and noble Lord, how can you not prepare a chivalrous gift for your true love ahead of time?

Valentine's Day is coming! Participate in events and get the opportunity to win exclusive holiday decorations and show your romantic side!

Pursuit of Love

Event Duration: Feb. 6th - Feb. 12th

1. During the event, hunt Monsters, rally Barbarian Camps, and gather Resources to earn Roses that you can exchange for great rewards in the Rose Shop. Join the Valentine's Blessing event or purchase bundles to win Cupid's Arrows, which can be exchanged for Valentine's Accolades, Lord Portraits, Stronghold Skins and other great rewards in Cupid's Shop.

Valentine's Blessing

Event Duration: Feb. 6th - Feb. 12th

Accept Cupid's blessing and complete Quests to win Cupid's Arrows, which you can exchange for luxurious rewards in the Pursuit of Love event!

Present of Love

Valentine's presents are on sale! Purchase special couple's Accolades, Lord Portraits and Stronghold Skins now to express your sincere love.

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, so get ready while you still can!