It's time for... L-O-V-E!


Valentine's Day is coming soon! Cupid has decided to richly reward all the Lords in the Kingdom who participate in his L-O-V-E event!

Event Duration: Feb.11 - Feb.16

Entrance: Event Center - L-O-V-E event.

Chocolate is Cupid's favorite! Complete daily quests to receive Chocolate. Feed Cupid Chocolate to earn a time-limited Valentine's Stronghold skin and other rare rewards.

Each time Cupid reaches the next stage in his growth, all of the Lords who fed him Chocolate will receive great rewards.

Feed Cupid to earn Individual Contribution Points. Lords with the highest Contribution Points will join the Leaderboard, and Lords who rank in the top 100 will receive Rank Rewards. Lords with the same Contribution Points will be ranked according to who reached that rank first.

The Top 3 Lords with the highest Contribution Points will win an exclusive accolade: Cupid's Beloved.

Join the L-O-V-E event to feed Cupid and earn great rewards!