Dominion: Territory Guide


1. For Alliance Leaders:

a. Work with Alliance members to raise your Alliance Level to 2 or higher, then build an Alliance Fortress.

Alliance Tech Donations can boost EXP.

b. Organize Alliance members to build Alliance Towers and expand your Alliance Territory.

1) It's recommended that you prioritize expansion in a single direction.

2) This will help you more quickly seize the advantage for conquering Castles.

c. Build Alliance Communal Buildings.

Communal Buildings must be placed within the boundaries of your active Alliance Territory.

d. Once Alliance Territory is connected to a Castle, you can lead your Alliance Members to attack the Castle together and get rewards for the first capture.

1)If a Lord attacks multiple Castle Defenders, it will use up that Lord's attack attempts and recovery time.

2) It's recommended that an Alliance only launch a rally on one Castle at a time.

e. The further you expand your Territory, the more Castles you can conquer.

2. For R4 Members:

a. Alliance Tech Donations can upgrade Alliance Level.

b. Help your Alliance Leader gather other members to build Alliance buildings.

c. Help your Alliance Leader place and build Alliance Towers.

d. Help your Alliance Leader rally Alliance members to conquer Castles and win rewards!

e. Continue Territorial expansion and conquer more Castles.

3. If you are R3 or lower:

a. Alliance Tech Donations can upgrade Alliance Level.

b. Help your Alliance Leader and R4 members build Alliance buildings and expand Territory.

c. Conquer Castles together to get rewards.

4. Individual and Alliance Resource Access:

a. How to get Individual Merit:

1) Alliance Tech Donations

2) Alliance Help

3) Gather Resources on the Kingdom Map

4) Alliance Building Construction

5) Individual Merit has a daily limit.

6) After activating the Alliance Boost, daily Individual Merit acquisition limits and speed will go up by 100%.

b. How to get Alliance Merit:

1) Alliance Tech Donations

2) Gather Resources on the Kingdom Map

3) Automatically earned from Alliance Resource Points

c. How to get Alliance Resources:

1) Alliance Resources are automatically gained from Alliance Resource Points.

2) When a player gathers resources on the Kingdom Map, a percentage of the same type of Alliance Resources will be provided for the Alliance.