King of Avalon 5th Anniversary is coming!


Greetings lords and ladies,

As summer is finally approaching, we would like to share with you our plan for the coming months and the celebrations of the 5th King of Avalon birthday.

Before we do so, we would like to thank all of you once more for your support and feedback that helped us improve the game, especially during the recent Kingdom Merger.

This anniversary is a major milestone for all of us and we hope to throw an even more spectacular party than in previous years.

For this birthday celebration we have invited a bunch of Showmen to join your stronghold, their performance should be quite the marvel!

During the month of celebrations you will be able to enjoy lots of rewards in-game and outside the game. But most importantly, you'll be taking part in a myriad of fantastic events!

We have regrouped the events into 3 categories.

Board Events: A brand new type of event inspired by board games and filled with great rewards and gold!

PvE: Where you will enjoy fighting brand new enemies in well-crafted new events we've prepared just for you!

Social: Add to the fun with players from all over the Kingdom by sharing your favorite stories, pictures and much more!

We’re very excited to share all the rewards, gifts, and unique prizes with you, we can’t wait to get this party started!

The KoA Team