The Avalon Photo Booth is ongoing!


The Anniversary Show is ongoing, let's celebrate the coming of the 5th anniversary now!

The Avalon Photo Booth has been a hit! Up to now, we have received submissions from more than 5,000 Lords. Among them, there are photos taken with families, cute pets, photos of dashing gentlemen and beautiful ladies, paintings, sculptures and cakes all specially made for King of Avalon...

Every moment of fighting, cooperating and building with Lords in Avalon has moved us. We are looking forward to receiving more masterpieces from the Kingdom's Lords, sharing the memories of the 5th anniversary with all fellow Avalonians, and recording these precious moments forever.

Every player who uploads a submission and respects the rules above will be rewarded with a 7-day Arthur's Watch Stronghold x1, Anniversary Chest x1.

We will choose our favorite 300 submissions and reward them with a 14-day Arthur's Watch Stronghold x1 and Anniversary Chest x5.

We will choose the 10 best submissions and reward them with permanent a Arthur's Watch Stronghold x1, Anniversary Chest x10 and the artbook of King of Avalon x1.

Meanwhile, don't forget to log in every day and claim a gift in the [Anniversary Memory] event. And also, share your memories with friends and the world!