Update 12.7.0 Announcement


What's New:

1. Spring Festival event is on, followed by the new Holiday City Decoration!

2. Endless Growth enabled in Alliance Research. Donating to Endless Growth will still give both Individual Merits and Alliance Merits.


1. Fixed the bug stopping Lords from getting event points when killing enemies with Breath of Fire in KvK, Gold Event and Nether War

2. Improved matching for the Gold Event - Kingdom Raid

3. Improved red dot notifications for the interfaces of Heroes, Dragon Emblems and Equipment

4. Improvements for the Lost Dragon Cave:

1) Improved the layout of the event in the Event Center

2) Fixed the bug stopping Fossils from respawning in the Daily Fire Lands

3) Increased the number of Lv. 1 Fossils to lower the difficulty of gaining Gathering Points

4) More Ranking Rewards winners

5) Fixed the bug causing quest miscounts before the Illuminate Treasure Phase in Daily Treasure

When the new version is available, you can download it from the App Store or Google Play to experience the new content! Please note that update release times vary between App Stores in different countries or regions. Therefore some users may not see the update for iOS until later. Thank you for your patience!

See you on the battlefield!

Merlin and the KoA Team