Update 12.8.0 Announcement


What's New:

1. Valentine's Day event is open, followed by the new Holiday City Decoration!

2. New equipment: Ares Set

3. New Chapters in Merlin’s Trials: Chapter 33-34 are now available in the Equipment Trial!

4. New event: Ares Trail

5. Timed Lord Targets


1. Lost Dragon Cave: New icon for entrance in the main interface. Matching progress can be seen during matching in the Fire Lands Stage.

2. Improved the red dot notification for Equipment and Gemstones features

3. Improvements for the rewards and exchangeable items of various events and stores:

1) Replaced Empyrean Ingots with Hellsbane Ingots in the Alchemist's Corner

2) Replaced Hellsbane Ingots with Holy Eagle Ingots, and Druid Ascendant Scrolls with Starfall Ascendant Scrolls in the Alliance Store.

3) Replaced Holy Eagle Ingots with Ares Ingots in the Auction House.

4) Replaced Druid Ascendant Scrolls with Starfall Ascendant Scrolls as the Individual Points rewards for the Nether War and Excalibur Invasion.

5) Changed the cost of Primal Offerings from 4 Primal Dragon Scales to 2 Primal Dragon Scales.

6) Replaced Primal Dragon Scales with Glory Fragments as the extra rewards for the Daily Treasure in the Lost Dragon Cave. Hugely increased the amount of Emblem Essence and Draconic EXP Stones in the Daily Treasure rewards.

4. Improvements for Warrior Packs in the Excalibur Invasion: Warrior Packs can only be granted to Lords with 250,000,000 Points or above.

When the new version is available, you can download it from the App Store or Google Play to experience the new content! Please note that update release times vary between App Stores in different countries or regions. Therefore some users may not see the update for iOS until later. Thank you for your patience!

See you on the battlefield!

Merlin and the KoA Team