Update 13.0.0 Announcement


What's New:

1. Lonely guards against the storm of the Long Winter! Orlando the Nightshard and Yrsa are now available!

2. New Advanced Research: Thundering Power

3. New chapters in Merlin's Trial: Chapter 41 and 42 are now available in Hero Trial.

4. New Event: Mythical Summon

5. New Event: Hero Council Trial

6. New Event: Timed Hero Council


1. Improved the operation rules of the March surface: When the marching capacity is insufficient due to the removal of the hero or dragon, the soldiers who have been deployed will not be reset.

2. Adjusted the Rally restrictions when participating in various events: The limit of Rally number for events such as Portal Challenge and Alliance Hunt will be calculated separately.

3. Adjusted Territory Truce: Lords cannot enable this function while in a cross-server state.

4. Specified the Throne Protection rules: Lords can check it through tapping "?" on the upper left corner of the Excalibur Invasion surface.

5. Optimized the rewards of events & shops:

a. Added Hero Guinevere and Mordred in the Master Summoning Circle. Adjusted the possibility of summoning other heroes.

b. Replaced the reward of Ursine Emblem Manuscript with the Griffin Emblem Manuscript in the KvK, Nether War and Portal Challenge events.

c. Replaced the Mordred hero fragments with the fragments of King Lot.

When the new version becomes available, you can update it on the App Store or Google Play to experience the fantastic new features! Please note that update release times vary between App Stores in different countries. There may be a slight delay for some iOS users.

See you on the battlefield!

Merlin and the KoA Team