Customer Service Platform Upgrade Announcement


Esteemed Lord,

We would like to inform you that in order to bring you a faster and smoother customer service experience, we will be upgrading our customer service platform for game version 13.8 and above on UTC 2022-6-29

Although this upgrade will not affect your game progress, but since the customer service platform will be changed to an updated platform, it may have the following impacts:

1. If you have contacted customer service for consultation before, the history records will not be migrated to the new one. If you still have questions about the chat history, you are welcome to contact customer service again for the consultation.

2. If you have unresolved problems before the upgrade in the customer service platform, please note that it’s still in progress and will be responded to you via in-game mails instead.

We are sincerely sorry for the inconvenience caused.

Q: What is the difference between the new customer service platform and the old one?

The difference between the new customer service and the old version is that there are lesser lengthy conversations as the customer support personnel are able to locate your problem faster. From the new version, the system will ask you to fill in a different types of forms depending on your inquiries and from the information in the form, the customer service personnel will be able to attend to your inqnurires in a more specific manner~

Gentle reminder: When you are inquiring, please select the question you want to consult and submit the relevant information according to the category, this is especially helpful for the customer service personnel in assisting you later~~ if you select a category that does not correspond to your inquiry, you may be asked to fill in the missing information later~

Q: Do you still have the chat history of the problem I consulted before?

We are truly sorry that due to the upgrade of the customer service platform, your historical consultation chat log will not be available in the new customer service platform. If you have questions in regards to the chat history of your customer service conversation, please feel free to contact our customer service personnel. Thank you

Q: Why hasn't my customer service platform been upgraded or replaced?

Our customer service platform is upgraded together with the game version. If you wish to use our latest customer service platform, please check that your game version should be 13.8 and above.

If your game version is already updated to version 13.8 and above, but the customer service platform has not been upgraded yet, please contact our customer service personnel to feedback on the problem you have encountered and provided us with the related screenshots, rest assured that our customer service personnel will assist you with the troubleshooting and work their very best in resolving your issue. 

Q: How do I contact customer service after the customer service platform is upgraded?

You can contact customer service via the followings:

1. Select [Avatar - Settings - Help & Support - Contact Customer Service NEW];

2.  Select [Avatar - Settings - Account - Account Management - Contact Customer Service - Contact Customer Service NEW];

3. In the game interface, select [help-contact customer service];

4. When you are stuck at loading screen, select [Contact customer service-loading issue form]

5.Up window after account is banned-account banned form

Q: How to check if my game version is13.8?

You can check the game version in the bottom left corner of the loading interface when you log in to the game.