Update 13.8.0 Announcement


What's New:

1. New Gemstone: Aqua.

2. New chapters in Merlin's Trial: Gemstone Trials levels 31-32, Combo Trials levels 31-32 added!

3. Gemstone Gauntlet has started!

4. Timed Lord Targets - Gemstone available!


1. Kingdom Tourney: Quest difficulty and rewards adjusted; the quest attempt will be restored if player abandons the quest for the first time.

2. Alliance Development optimization: Event mode guide added; tabs added for tiers of rewards in Redeem Rewards interface.

3. Events and Store reward optimizations:

1) Auction House: [Gilded Arcana] replaced with [Aqua Arcana].

2) Alliance Store: [Frost Arcana] replaced with [Gilded Arcana].

3) Alchemist's Corner: [Gilded Arcana] can be dismantled; Exchangable reward [Immortal Arcana] replaced with [Frost Arcana].

4) Crystalized Gemstone reward rate greatly increased in Nether War, Ultimate Alliance Conquest, Gold Event.

5) Lost Dragon Cave: extra rewards of [Gold Summoning Horn] replaced with [Primal Dragon Scale] in Daily Treasure.

After the maintenance, you can download the latest version from the App Store or Google Play and try out the newest features! The App Store update times may vary from region to region, which can lead to delayed updates for some iOS users. Thank you for your patience!

See you on the battlefield!

Merlin and the KoA Team