6th Anniversary Special Event: the Camelot Tournament Preview I


In the coming King of Avalon 6th Anniversary, the eagerly anticipated Camelot Tournament -- No.3 Session will start in mid-July! In this preview we will mainly introduce part of the new rewards added in this Tournament to you:

1. [Camelot Hall of Fame] Reopen

We've noted that there have long been loud voices for reopening the Hall of Fame. Now it comes! We will set three seats in the Hall of Fame for the Tournament as follow and the Winner of the Camelot Tournament will be inducted into the [Camelot Hall of Fame]:

Camelot Knight: The Leader of the Champion Kingdom in Tournament.

Camelot Celebrity: The Leader of the Most Supported Kingdom in Duel of Champions.

Camelot Fighter: The Leader ranked first on Solo Kill of Duel of Champions Leaderboard.

Note: The titles and rules above are only for reference. Please check the event page for details.

2. Exclusive Kingdom Plaudit

When a Kingdom enters the Duel of Champions stage, all participants will get a permanent exclusive Plaudit of the Camelot Tournament -- No.3 Session.

Note: The visuals are only for reference. Stay tuned for the coming special effect!