6th Anniversary Special Event: the Camelot Tournament Preview II


The highly anticipated Camelot Tournament -- No.3 Session will start on Next Thursday! In this preview, some new rewards in this Tournament will be introduced:

1. Brand New Time-limited Relics

Kingdoms and Lords that enter Mythic Might and Duel of Champions will have the chance to get brand new time-limited Relics, which will greatly improve your power in the battle!

a. Royal Hourglass: When equipped, the march time will be shortened to 3 minutes after the Lord launches a rally.

b. Enraged Breaker: Equip to increase the Critical Chance by 5.0%.

c. General's Helmet: Equip to increase the March Capacity by 20.0%.

d. Tyrant's Helmet: When equipped, Research: Deadly Arms will be activated when attacking other Lord's Stronghold without rallies.

e. Shield Breaker: When equipped, the Lord can attack other Lords' Strongholds protected by Shield.

Go check more info about the access and function of Relics in the event page.

2. Other Rewards

Rewards of the Camelot Tournament besides those mentioned above will be also upgraded based on the need of Lords. Please stay tuned!

3. Q&A

Q1: How to select the Camelot Celebrity and Camelot Fighter in the Hall of Champions?

A: The Camelot Celebrity and Camelot Fighter will be chosen from the leader of the Most Supported Kingdom and the Lord who ranks first on Solo Kill Leaderboard. A Lord cannot have two seats at the same time. For example, if the selected one has been the Camelot Knight, the next Lord on board will accept the honor of Camelot Celebrity.

Q2: Which kingdoms can participate in the Tournament?

A: To ensure the equality and game experience, all Lunar Kingdoms will be invited in this event.