New Prestige Level features are coming!


Esteemed Lord,

New Prestige Level features will be available after the update of version 13.9. Tap the buildings with Prestige Level in your City to learn more info! After the update:

1. The upper limit of Prestige Level will be increased from 35 to 45.

2. The number of existing buildings with Prestige Level will remain, while the benefits that some of them bring will improve. Go check more details in the News Center!

3. Prestige Banners are still required while upgrading Prestige Level 1-35, but from Prestige Level 36, Lords need to use Prestige Banners and Royal Banners to improve levels.

4. The new Royal Banner item will be included in the Royal Packages in the KVK Season this weekend. Feel free to pick your favorite items!

Here's to more success on the battlefield!

The Council of Avalon